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Nenegate Unpacked

On 9 December 2015, a little after 8pm, South African President Jacob Zuma committed the biggest blunder of his career. At the stroke of his pen, half a trillion rand was wiped off the value of South African stocks and bonds.

What followed was the biggest financial crisis South Africa has experienced since the advent of democracy.

Download this must-read analysis into Nenegate which pulls everything together in a fascinating story of public purse plundering. You will soon realise why Nene sacrificed his career by camping against a $100bn Nuclear Deal and blatant SAA boardroom corruption.

Alec Hogg provides fresh context on shadowy forces that motivated Zuma's R500bn blunder and whether re-instated Pravin Gordhan can rescue the Rand. This Special Report also includes's best Nenegate articles including contributions by RW Johnson, Floyd Shivambu and John Battersby.

What To Expect


The Background

The context and background that lead up to Nenegate.

nuclear deal

The Nuclear Deal

The real and ostensible reasons for the trillion rand Nuclear Deal.

saa deal

The SAA Deal

Nepotism, corruption and an extra layer of unecessary costs.

rationale for nene firing

Rationale For Nene Firing

What were the real reasons why Nene was removed as Finance Minister.


The Market's Reaction

An unprecedented R500bn of market value lost in 48 hours.

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Expert Analysis

Analysis from leading thinkers including RW Johnson, Floyd Shivambu and John Battersby.

About the Editor

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Alec Hogg

Alec Hogg (56) is the founder and publisher of A writer, broadcaster and media entrepreneur, he was the overall winner of the Sanlam Financial Reporter of the Year in 1982, aged 23. Thirty years later he was honoured by the same competition's judges with a Lifetime Achiever’s Award for contributions to SA financial journalism through his writing and radio and television broadcasting. In 1997 he created Moneyweb, an online publishing pioneer and one of the few survivors. He left Moneyweb in October 2012 and now focuses full-time on which he founded in August 2013. Hogg's latest book, Invest Like Warren Buffett (Global Edition), will be available in bookstores from February 2016.

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